About Us

Hello Friends,  

             My name is Paresh and I am the admin of this blog. I am an Engineer by profession and a tech enthusiast. We (Rohan, Selly, Amit & Me) are four friends. One day we decided we should spend our precious time & knowledge, that can add a value to it, instead of just bunking out. With different profession and passion we tried to present something that can bring a social reform. We promised to work hard and give you the best possible suggestions on various fields, that you  search over internet for a solution. 

            At first we have been discussing all topics through a whatsapp group and a facebook page. By the way, since long our group members and page viewers suggested us to create a blog. You can't imagine, we were so happy at that moment and finally created this blog. And now we are so dedicated that we spend every minute that we get out of our busy schedule for this blog. It gives so much happiness that nothing else can buy. Love you all friends for your immense support.

            We hope this blog will be beneficial for you and help you find a solution for your queries.
If you have any suggestion towards this blog, please feel free to drop a message. We'll be glad to see you there. Thank you so much.

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