How To Start A Website on Blogger 2018


Hello friends,
If you are searching for “how to create a website”, then you are at right place. I’ll guide you through out the process for launching a brand new website. The best part is that you can also earn money from your website.
You do not really need learning a bunch of confusing programming language. You can start from the scratch and it’s absolutely free. A Blog and website are almost identical. We will discuss about it later.
So Let’s begin.

What You Need Before Creating a Blog/Website :

  • A Gmail account
  • Mobile/Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Free Time

That’s all for now. Ready ?

Step-1 :
Open your browser and log on to

Step-2 :
Click on top right corner “SIGN IN” button. Sign in with your E-mail ID and password.

Step-3 :
Click on “ CREATE NEW BLOG”. Shown in bottom middle position in picture.

Step-4 :
In title box write your website title (Example- Merina Joseph). Then in address box write your blog address/domain name that people will search for (Example – Though it looks ugly and not professional, we can change it later by buying a custom domain later (Example- www. Don’t worry I’ll help you there.
Ok, Now click on create blog.

Here it is how it looks like. Now you are almost done. Just a few steps left to beautify your blog.

Step-5 :
Click on “Theme” shown in left side column. Scroll down and select your favorite theme and click on it.

Step-6 :
A new window will appear. Click on “Apply to Blog”

Now find “View Blog” on top left corner and click on it.
Yeah, this is your blog/website looks like to others.

Finally your blog is ready. In the next episode we will learn how to customize this blog  in advanced mode and give it a professional touch. So relax now.

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